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EA Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun PC

Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun for PC
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EA Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun PC
In Command & Conquer Red Alert you changed the course of history. In Command & Conquer you set the stage for a New World Order. Now the Battle for The Future Has Begun.
Fight on dynamic 3D battlefields - Ion Storms, destructible terrain, forest fires, treacherous ice fields and many more surprises. Creates all new strategic opportunities and tactics in Tiberium infested temperate zones, arctic tundras, and devastating urban landscapes.
Choose from the world's most unique and viciously opposed forces - Command the power of the Global Defence Initiative (GDI) or fight with the secretive guerrilla armies of the Brotherhood of NOD.
Units get smarter, faster and stronger - A you employ a deadly mix of high-tech sabotage and high-energy weapons, units will become 'veteran units' gaining new abilities, hit points, armour and weapons power with their combat experience.
All new multi player features.

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