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Digital Jesters Chaos League Sudden Death PC

Chaos League: Sudden Death - PC Game
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Digital Jesters Chaos League Sudden Death PC
Chaos League is a sport in which the rules are simple: there are none. The object of the game is to score as many goals as possible - through whatever means necessary: hand-to-hand - or feet to face - violence, magic or weapons. Whilst the original games premise remains: train and manage a team of nine assorted characters into the leanest, meanest, weirdest Chaos League side the world has ever seen, Sudden Death takes things a whole lot further. New races - each with new and unique abilities have been thrown into the world, expanding the options available to each manager. New grounds bring friendly or hostile crowds into the mix (complete with their own form of influential spells), and 19 additional hero characters are available for selection. The commentary from the original game - so often praised for its unique, brutal humour - has been doubled, ensuring an even trashier atmosphere within the blood-boiling confrontations. And additional in-game options - such as auto-casting spells, and the a

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