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High Speed Trains is a collection of modern European trains including the ICE (InterCity Express) - the German train capable of speeds up to 140mph and featuring TILT technology for smoother journeys. This train runs on the network that links with other European networks including the Eurostar. It is now possible to travel from London to Berlin in one day! High Speed Trains contains numerous modern and classic express trains and the first high-speed route for Train Simulator from Kassel to Fulda through the mountains of 100km. ICE 1(German & US Amtrak versions) ICE 2 (German) ICE 3 (German & Dutch version) BR 103 - an Intercity German express made up of different liveries and trains (5 versions) P-10 steam train (circa 1910) - the first "express" train In excess of 20 bridges and 25 tunnels Fantastic mountainous scenery Realistic stations and signsRequires MS Train SimulatorOver 20 bridges and 25 tunnelsFantastic mountainous sceneryRealistic stations and signs

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