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Codemasters Asherons Call 2 Legions PC

Asherons Call 2: Legions - PC Game
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Codemasters Asherons Call 2 Legions PC
* Massive New Continent: Explore the mystical continent of Knorr, expanding the game world by 30%.
* Playable Empyrean Race Revealed: Recalled by Asheron himself, players help the Empyreans rebuild their power on Dereth.
* 300 New Skills & Abilities Added: Completely new skill trees and hierarchies for players to experience.
* 3 New Prestige Classes: Elite classes extend game play for the new race offering new challenges for high-level players.
* Hero System 2.0 Extends Elder Challenge: New skill and advancement system includes the ability to chain skills for advantages in combat.
* 100+ New Quests: Designed for a full span of level ranges, this is practically a full game in itself.
* 40+ New Weapons: A wide variety of weapons for all races have been added.
* 20+ New Dungeons: Players enter these underground lairs of the Olthoi Queen and fight for dominance of Knorr.
* 10 New Monster Types: These monsters are unique to the world of Knorr and add to the already uniquely creative complement of creature in Asherons Call 2: Fallen Kings.
* Engine Upgrades: Major game system improvements enhance performance and smooth the gameplay experience

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