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Cenega UFO Aftershock PC

UFO: Aftershock - PC Game
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Cenega UFO Aftershock PC
The year is 2054. Fifty years ago, something terrible happened and the surface of Earth became uninhabitable. The remnants of humankind escaped to an immense flying island, the Laputa. But a revolt against the corrupt human leadership of the island has escalated into a conflict that eventually destroyed the Orbital Island. Now its the survivors of the survivors that are running. Can they reclaim the Earth from the unknown forces now holding her in their grasp? urn-based squad strategy games; in this micro-genre there are two names that come up: XCom and the UFO series. Both following the same formula, UFO aftershock takes the old series, then improves everything that wasnt great and add some all new features to really make it one of the best around. UFO includes both tactical global view; to manage your groups of Humans against the alien menace, and combat style; where its a turn-based attack against whatever bad-guys are in your insertion point. Really the action sections are more simultaneous act

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