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BBC Multimedia Teletubbies Favourite Games PC

Teletubbies Favourite Games - PC Games
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BBC Multimedia Teletubbies Favourite Games PC
Join the Teletubbies for exercises, create havoc with the Tubby custard machine, play roly-poly down the hill and find the Teletubbies hiding behind the curtains! Plus - watch children at play through the Teletubbies tummies and then use the Tubbytronic technology to join in the fun. Favourite Games has been designed to be a safe and fun place for children to enjoy themselves.
Children can choose which moves the Teletubbies perform and join in the fun. Touch Toe! Jump! Bump Tummies! Choose your favourite moves. Pick the moves in any order and create lots of funny combinations. In the Rolling game the Teletubbies are at the top of the hill ready to roll. Guide them down the hill towards their favourite things. Stop to look at rabbits, flowers and other objects on the way.
Watch three of the Teletubbies hide behind the curtains. Your child helps the remaining Teletubby find one of the other three. When the Teletubby is found they all get very excited! In the Tubby Custard activity you take over the controls of the tubby custard machine and help the Teletubbies fill their tummies. Press the buttons and move the levers to make lots of tubby custard mess.
The Teletubbies love to receive pictures from far away on their tummies. In this game, children can choose to watch one of five different video sequences featuring real children. At any moment the child can choose to play a game themed to the activity the children in the video are playing.
5 activities expose kids to colouring, matching, dancing, and creating.
No keyboard strokes required, only simple mouse movements.
Features real videos and lots of music.
Gameplay is featured on the characters tummies.
For ages 1 to 4

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