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Activision Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion PC

Rome - Total War Barbarian Invasion - PC Game
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Activision Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion PC
Use the Campaign map to build and manage your empire over a century of action.
Lead hordes of barbarian warriors to the gates of Rome. Plunder the world to finance your advance.
Command using your intuitive controls as you lead your troops to victory.
A shadow falls across the Roman world. It is 363 AD and the last Emperor of the unified Rome is dead. His successors now rule a divided Empire. Beyond the frontiers of the sundered Empire new enemies are lurking. The barbarians are at the gates in this official expansion pack for Rome: Total War!
- A brand new campaign game.
- 10 new playable factions - including the Huns, Franks, Saxons, Goths and both Roman Empires!
- 100+ new units with their own strengths, weapons and abilities, including Schiltrom and Shieldwall formations, swimming and axe-throwing...
- Barbarian Hordes - march your entire people in search of a new homeland.
You were there for Romes glory. Be there for Romes fall.

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