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Activision Medieval Total War (PC)

Medieval Total War for PC
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Activision Medieval Total War (PC)
Pre-release The long-awaited sequel to Shogun: Total War is finally on the horizon, and it really has been worth the wait. The original Japanese locations have been replaced with scenarios covering 400 years of European history and including the seismic events of the Medieval period - The Crusades, The Hundred Years War and The Mongolian Invasion. The achievements of great figures throughout the period will also effect gameplay - the deeds of Richard The Lionheart, Kubla Khan and William Wallace, El Cid and Robin Hood all cause changes patterns in play and you'll have to account for them
Play as any one of 12 nations, controlling up to 100 different unit types. Up to 10000 troops are featured in any one game, giving battles a truly epic feel and real longevity. You'll form alliances with other nations, launch crusades and lay siege upon your opponents territory with the ultimate aim of being 'master of all you survey.'

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