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ZOOM Air 4105-70-00

PCI Wireless Network Card 11Mbps
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ZOOM Air 4105-70-00
ZoomAir 4105 - Network adapter - PCI - plug-in module - Ethernet - 11 Mbps
ZoomAir Wireless Networking products bring affordable, high quality, upgradeable, industry standards-based wireless technology to business and institutional users. ZoomAir hardware and software facilitate the wireless expansion of existing Ethernet LANs (Local Area Networks) and even the construction of modestly sized all-wireless networks. ZoomAir Wireless Network technology is ideal for small to medium sized offices where a wireless network may be economically and logistically preferable to a wired LAN. Large offices with a wired network already in place can also benefit from the flexible network expansion opportunities offered by ZoomAir. Installation possibilities include: schools, conference rooms, hospitals, retail outlets, construction sites, production lines, and warehouses. ZoomAir Wireless Networking hardware products are fully compliant with the adopted IEEE 802.11b (DSSS) worldwide standard. This means ZoomAir wireless network cards are interoperable with standards-compliant devices from o

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