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Ethernet 10/100 upgradabl
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CreditCard Ethernet 10BC - Network adapter - PC Card - plug-in module - Ethernet - 10 Mbps - 1 Port(s)
This is the CreditCard Ethernet 10/100-Upgradable PCMCIA Combo Adapter for your portable computer from Xircom. These cards from Xircom are the only 10MBPS cards that are upgradable to 100MBPS, providing a cost effective solution for 10Base-T Ethernet now and the ability to upgrade to 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet when necessary. Just purchase the optional Upgrade Kit (CE3CBL-10BTX), and your 10MBPS adapter becomes an auto-sensing card alternating between 10MBPS and 100MBPS depending on the network you are connected to. Installation is a breeze regardless of which operating system you use; Plug and Play support for Windows 95, or the Windows 3.x installation program that automatically configures the adapter from Windows 3.1 and 3.11. Included is a wide range of network driver support for most of the popular Network Operating Systems (NOS). For those who require network management, the SNMP network management agents will allow the notebook to be managed from any SNMP-based management application. Full-duplex

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