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western digital hard drive
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Western Digital Caviar WD200BB - Hard drive - standard - 20 GB - DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra) - 3.5 internal - 8.9 ms - 7200 rpm - 2 MB
This is a hard disk drive from Western Digital. WD Caviar family provides the best combination of performance, reliability and value for today's entry-level and mainstream desktop systems. WD Caviar Enhanced IDE (EIDE) hard drives offer Ultra ATA, 5400 RPM spindle speeds, low seek times, high capacity and a 512 or 2048 KB cache buffer, all of which adds up to a fast data delivery system. And to protect your data, include Data Lifeguard, WD's exclusive automatic defect detection, and repair technology are included to enable our drives to actually fix themselves.

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