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Wireless PCI Card/ 11Mbps
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The U.S. Robotics Wireless Access PCI Adapter gives you the flexibility to turn your desktop computer into a wireless workstation or fully take advantage of your laptop's mobility. With the PCI Adapter, you can share files, printers, even the same Internet connection with others on your network-with no strings attached. The PCI Adapter includes a removable PC card so you can use it with either your desktop or laptop computer. Simply leave the card in the adapter to install it into an available PCI slot in your desktop, or remove the card for use in your laptop's PCMCIA slot. With the freedom to connect from up to 91.5 m (300 feet) away, there's virtually no limit to the ways you can use your wireless connection. You'll no longer have to rearrange your furniture to accommodate your online connection, wait for your turn on the Internet, or waste time disconnecting and reconnecting peripherals to use with multiple machines. Peer-to-peer networking lets you swap large files in seconds and enjoy amazing he

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