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TigerArray 10/100 Fast Ethernet PCI Server Car
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TigerArray - Network adapter - PCI - plug-in card - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet - 10Base-T, 100Base-TX - 100 Mbps - 2 Port(s)
SMCs TigerArray package combines powerful and software resources to help solve the problems associated with high-volume traffic on network servers. The hardware portion consists of either a pair of SMCs EtherPower II 10/100 single-channel network cards (the SMC9432T/SC) or one dual-channel EtherPower 10/100 network card (the SMC9334BDT/SC). But the real key to the benefits of this package is the TigerArray load-balancing/failover driver software. Once each channel is connected to a switch port, the software combines the two channels into a single virtual card, effectively doubling the server-to-switch bandwidth to 400 Mbps in full-duplex mode. Then, the software balances the load across both connections to eliminate bottlenecks and maximize throughput. Additionally, the TigerArray software provides fault-tolerance with dynamic failover to eliminate data loss.

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