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EZ Connect Wireless Barricade Router, 1x10Mbps Port RJ45
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Barricade 7004 - Radio access point - external - 3 Port(s) - EN, Fast EN, parallel, serial - TCP/IP, PPTP
The Barricade wireless broadband router is the ideal networking solution for home and small business users alike, providing the ultimate in mobility with its wireless operation. The platform-independent multifunctional router is combined with a 3-port 10/100 Mbps dual-speed switch and incorporates both a built-in print server, an RS-232 COM port, and firewall security for protection against hackers and other intruders. The Barricade wireless broadband router provides a WAN port as well as Network Address Translation (NAT), which extends simultaneous Internet access for up to 253 PCs on the LAN. The wireless Access Point provides data rates of 11, 5.5, 2, and 1 Mbps, with 64-bit or 128-bit Encryption for wireless LAN security. The Barricade Wireless Router has an operating range of up to 1000 feet. The wireless router also allows the connection of multiple users to the Internet using a single purchased IP address. LAN and IP addresses are auto-assigned and easily managed, and the IP routing supports a

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