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EZ Connect Wireless LAN Access Point and PC card
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The wireless LAN solution is the easiest alternative to a traditional wired network. The SMC 2602W connects your desktop PC instantly with an existing Ethernet installation to support mobile users, temporary work sites, and other applications ranging from the classroom to the boardroom. Wireless technology provides the maximum user mobility, simple and flexible installation options, a reduced cost of ownership (no cabling costs or maintenance) and excellent scalability in supporting additional PCs. True 11 Mbps wireless is ideal for use with cable modems, DSL or SOHO applications. In the typical wireless configuration an Access Point (transceiver) connects to a wired network location via standard cabling. The Access Point supports up to 20 users located several hundred feet apart, with a maximum of 1, 500 feet. Users access the LAN via the SMC wireless adapters in their notebooks. The wireless LAN adapters interface between the client Network Operating System and airwaves via an antenna (Access Point.

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