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Sitecom SC LN-003

Network Starter Kit 2xnic+8m Cable
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Sitecom SC LN-003
Sitecom Multi Player Gamers Networking Kit - Network adapter - PCI - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet - 10Base-T, 100Base-TX - 100 Mbps
Sitecom is an innovative manufacturer of network, communication, USB and FireWire products. It offers solutions and equipments for setting up various types of computer connections for peripherals, wireless networks and high-speed Internet connections. Sitecom user-friendly products are excellently suitable for the home user and small business clients. Multi Player Gamers Networking Kit is the perfect kit for setting up a small network in which one can not only exchange data, but can also share CD/DVD ROM player, printer, scanner, etc, as well as play multi-player network games for even greater pleasure. Install the Gamers Kit install games and play!

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