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Quantum Snap Server 1000 40GB

Hard drive array 40 GB
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Quantum Snap Server 1000 40GB
Quantum Snap Server 1000 - Hard drive array - HD standard 40 GB - EN, Fast EN
The Snap Server is a computer with integrated components, including processor, Ethernet controller, EIDE disk interface, and an embedded operating system, plus network protocol stacks and file system management tools. Snap Servers are built using reliable Quantum Ultra ATA disk drives. Snap Server is optimized for network storage because Quantum's focus is on file I/O throughput and multi-network protocols. All unnecessary system control and processing functions (such as video output, keyboard I/O, serial and parallel port management, etc.) that are associated with a general purpose server were removed. The result is far less maintenance, higher reliability, better performance, and lower cost.

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