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As 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet technology becomes very affordable and widely installed on desktops across businesses big and small, the information bottleneck is being pushed back to the network server. The GA620 Gigabit Ethernet Card opens up the bottleneck by providing up to 2 Gbps, or 2000 Mbps, of bandwidth to the server. At the same time, the GA620 provides CruiseControl to offload the host CPU, freeing the server to perform other tasks. The GA620 provides network input/output capacity of 1 gigabit per second (2 Gbps in full-duplex mode), 10 times that of Fast Ethernet and 100 times that of Ethernet. The GA620 is a smart card. It provides CruiseControl, a set of functions to offload the host CPU including DMA to directly access host memory and TCP/IP checksum calculation. When traffic load is relatively light, it interrupts the host as soon as a packet arrives in order to maximize response. In heavy traffic, the GA620 aggregates multiple packets before notifying the host for processing all at once. Th

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