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BayStack 101 - Hub - 12 Port(s) - 10Base-T - 10 Mbps - EN
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BayStack 100 series 10BaseT hubs from Nortel Networks offer simple, scalable solutions for supporting growing Ethernet networks. Delivering industry-standard IEEE 802.3i 10BaseT connectivity for supporting 10 Mbps Ethernet over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling, the hubs provide a robust, expandable foundation for networks anticipating future growth. Working with other BayStack products including hubs, switches, routers, and Internet access equipment, the BayStack 100 Series 10BaseT hubs provide a cost-effective solution for growing the network. Up to 10 BayStack 100 series hubs can be stacked to create a single repeater or collision domain supporting a maximum of 260 nodes, providing a simple, cost-effective method for expanding the network as requirements grow. The hubs are connected via simple cascade connectors using optional cascade cables. The Automatic Stack Position Resolution feature enables the BayStack 100 series hubs to detect the top and bottom of the stack and apply the appropriate t

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