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IBM Token Ring 16-4

Adapter Token Ring 16-4 PCI RJ45
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IBM Token Ring 16-4
Token-Ring 16/4 Model 2 - Network adapter - PCI - plug-in card - Token Ring - 16 Mbps
This Token Ring 16/4 PCI adapter brings you more convenience with higher speeds and increased network management. It supports redundant NIC which minimizes downtime. It also supports the IBM form of Wake on LAN and the IBM/Intel Alert on LAN function. Redundant NIC minimizes downtime due to adapter, cable, or connector failures in server connections. Two adapters share the same MAC address allowing traffic to be automatically switched to the backup adapter if a failure is detected on the primary adapter. Multiple pairs may be installed on a given server. The IBM LAN Adapter Management Agent has been updated to support Windows 95 and 98 and DMI 2.0. The agent provides both DMI and SNMP management of adapters. An SNMP-based management application is provided by IBM Nways Workgroup Manager for Windows NT Version 1.1.2, IBM's Nways Manager for AIX version 1.2.2, and IBM's Nways Manager for HP-UX Version 1.2. When used with management applications the agent allows end to end solutions for I/S managers need

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