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IBM 72H3501

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IBM 72H3501
Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring ISA adapter presents a bunch of excellent solutions for modern networking. Make sure that you get the best with IBM products, famous for their superior quality and high standards. Automatic ring speed detection prevents wrong-speed insertion into the ring, even with manual speed selection. Optional automatic ring speed selection automatically sets the adapter ring speed to the actual ring speed, even when connected to speed sensing hubs. LEDs - Provide status for the adapter and the ring to aid in quick and easy troubleshooting without disrupting the operation of your network. It conforms to IEEE 802.5 and ECMA 89 standards and includes device drivers, which provide compatibility and connectivity to many of today's leading operating systems, and network operating systems. RPL included standard enables centralized configuration management, improves security, makes network growth easier and results in potential cost savings by downloading applications and data to both media and med

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