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IBM 34L1401

Token-Ring 16/4 Pc Card Adapter 2
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IBM 34L1401
Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring PCMCIA Card Adapter is small, lightweight and portable specially designed for mobile and desktop PCs with PCMCIA type II or III slots. Selectable speed of either 16 or 4Mbps makes it easy to change network data rates. Automatic ring speed detection prevents wrong-speed insertion into the ring even with manual speed selection. Optional automatic ring speed selection automatically sets the adapter ring speed to the actual ring speed, even when connected to speed sensing hub Card is activated only if cable is attached so the end user can leave card in the system when card is not in use. This eliminates misplaced cards and enhances system mobility. It supports a wide range of network operating systems. Variable I/O port addressing allows greater flexibility to move port addresses. Memory reduction technology conserves your notebook's valuable memory. RPL included standard enables centralized configuration management, improves security, makes network growth easier and results in poten

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