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Network adapter - plug-in card
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The EiconCard C20 is an intelligent multi-protocol wide-area network (WAN) interface card for ISA (PnP)-bus based workstations. The EiconCard C20 is a member of Eicon Technology's C-Class family of WAN interface cards targeted for X.25 or SDLC gateways and very small branch office LAN application servers. The EiconCard C20 offers connectivity through one V.24 port, supporting line speeds of up to 64 Kbps. The EiconCard C20 allows you to connect over a variety of WAN protocols such as X.25, SDLC, PPP, Frame Relay and HDLC, over leased lines or dial-up lines. It offloads the server from low level protocol processing tasks, resulting in a saving of valuable server CPU resources. The EiconCard C20 works in conjunction with Eicon Technology's software, and is supported by Eicon Technology's development tools and third-party products.

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