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100BASE-FX Fibre-optic Adapter PCI
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This high performance adapter is a 100BASE-FX Fast Ethernet fiber-optic SC network card for the PCI bus slot. Supporting Bus Master direct data transfer to host and Full Duplex mode, this 32-bit adapter turns desktop PC's into mission critical server workstations that need enhanced throughput. Its fiber-optic support offers a step up to the state-of-art network computing. Powerful Performance This adapter operates in the 32-bit bus master mode, delivering throughputs at multi-megabits per second with little stress on the hosts CPU. Supporting high PCI clock speeds independently of the network clock, it transfers data directly to/from the hosts memory, by-passing the CPU to alleviate the hosts workload. The adapter supports both full-and half-duplex operation modes. When connected to a switch in full-duplex, the network speed can be increased to 200 Mbps, making the adapter an ideal NIC for high-speed server deployment or for powerful graphics workstations. This adapter is the perfect choice for sites

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