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Dlink DE 528CT

Network adapter - PCI - plug-in card - Ethernet
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Dlink DE 528CT
DE 528CT - Network adapter - PCI - plug-in card - Ethernet - 10Base-T, 10Base-2 (coax) - 10 Mbps
D-Link's DE-528CT Ethernet adapter is a high-performance network card for personal computers equipped with PCI expansion buses. This adapter provides the performance that turns today's desktops into powerful workstations and servers. With its low cost of ownership and standard compliance, this adapter is the perfect choice for cost-effective workgroup networking. Throughput is provided by using 32-bit high-throughput data transfer with the host, the adapter provides robust performance in very heavy traffic environments, and is mandatory for applications with large file transfer and heavy disk I/O in the server. With the full-duplex function, the adapter allows a PC to connect to a switch and become a power workstation or server, receiving and transmitting data at the same time on a dedicated 20Mbps bandwidth.

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