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DE 220PCT - Network adapter - ISA - plug-in card - Ethernet - 10Base-T, 10Base-2 (coax) - 10 Mbps
The DE-220PCT adapter incorporates the Plug 'N Play technology to allow Plug 'N Play computer systems to automatically configure their installed network cards completely without users' intervention. Ease of use is the most important feature of the DE-220PCT adapter regardless of the type of PC that is used. After inserting an adapter in the computer, configuration is a breeze with both traditional PC systems (those without PnP functionality) and the newer Plug 'N Play compliant generation. With Non-PnP PCs, all that is needed to do is insert the card in the computer, then run a menu-driven setup program. On Plug 'N Play systems, the only thing to do is drop the card into an ISA slot! All configuration is handled entirely by the computer's BIOS and operation system.

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