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DabsValue 10/100Mbps USB

Now, connecting your personal computer (desktop PC
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DabsValue 10/100Mbps USB
Now, connecting your personal computer (desktop PC or notebook PC) to the network is just a snap away with this USB 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet adapter. It is designed for USB Compliant PCs. This adapter works with all PCs equipped with a USB port and Windows 98 operating system. You can connect to any 10Mbps, 100Mbps or 10/100Mbps hub without opening up your PC.Full/half duplex operation is auto-detected. In full-duplex mode, the PC is connected to a switch on a dedicated segment. With transmission and reception taking place simultaneously, data transfer is double. Everything you need to get started is included in one box. This USB 10/100Mbps network adapter comes complete with a USB cable, which plugs into the USB port of the PC or the USB hub; and an RJ-45 socket to attach a standard UTP cable for a 10BaseT or 100BaseTX connection.Simply plug in this adapter to your PCs USB port. And your PC will be up and running on the network. Thats all you need to do. Not a tool is necessary, not a configuration s

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