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COMPAQ Wireless lan 200

Wireless lan WL200 PCI Card 11 Mbps
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COMPAQ Wireless lan 200
Adding yet another innovative solution for the mobile worker, Compaq Computer Corporation provides the Compaq WL Series of IEEE 802.11b HR (High Rate) DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) 11 Mbps wireless LAN products for North America and Europe. Consisting of an 11 Mbps PC Card and PCI card for wirelessly enabling portable and desktop PCs, as well as 11 Mbps hardware and software access points, which act as wireless gateways to the network. The Compaq WL Series enables users to stay connected to their LAN while roaming to meetings or other office locations. In addition, thanks to innovative configuration and management utilities such as Compaq AP Manager, the products enable IT departments to quickly and easily integrate a wireless LAN into their existing network environment and manage network traffic without the hassle of installing or removing wires.

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