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AirStation 56k Home Wireless Gateway Access Point
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AirStation - Radio access point - external - EN, Fast EN, IEEE 802.11b - 1 x Mdm 56 Kbps
The AirStation modem model comes with a 56K bps modem and connects to a regular phone line. If you have multiple computers at home and need to access the Internet through the phone line simultaneously, this is the model for you. Multiple computers can be connected at the same time with the dial-up connection through an analog line. The modem model can be used as a bridge (through an analog line) bypassing all other functions. There is one access point for the Internet service provider through which your computers are connected to the Internet. This model works well with the DHCP and router in the existing wired LAN. This model comes with the analog signal routing function that allows you to share the IP address. The IP masquerading technique is used to assign multiple IP clients under the assigned global IP by your ISP.

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