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Buffalo WLA-L11G

Airstation Wireless Bridge 10/100 Lan interface 128bit WEP
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Buffalo WLA-L11G
Buffalo Technology is proud to introduce the AirStation, allowing you easy, seamless and secure connectivity to your existing Wired LAN as well as the Internet! The AirStation Wireless LAN gives you increased speed and mobility. The application is from Internet sharing in the home to wireless network access from one's conference room. It even has the ability to communicate with the PC and Mac simultaneously! The AirStation utilizes leading-edge Wireless technology and a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) transmission method. This provides you the very latest Wireless LAN technology, at a price that rivals Wired LAN systems. The PCMCIA card and client connection ensures easy wireless access to the AirStation access point, and provides easy scalability and network load management.

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