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Network adapter - USB - external - Ethernet - 10Base-T - 5.6 Mbps - 1 Port(s)
The Belkin USB Ethernet Adapter allows you to connect any USB-Ready Desktop, Portable, or Notebook Computer to an Ethernet network. With a maximum transfer rate of 5.6 Mbps, the Belkin USB Ethernet Adapter provides a simple and reliable solution for Windows 98 networking. It is compatible with any Windows network-ready application. The USB Ethernet Adapter offers a solution for laptop users on the go, or for anyone who needs an Ethernet Adapter that conforms to both USB and Ethernet specifications. It works with all 10BaseT hubs, routers, switches, and print servers. Simply use the included six foot USB cable to connect the adapter to the PC, insert the driver disk, and connect a Category 5 UTP network cable - now your ready to go!

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