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ACPI PCI 10/100 with Mgt NIC
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Allied Telesyn's AT-2500TX is today's best value for present and future LANs. The low-cost doubles your benefits: you save now with 10Mbps and pay no premium later when you upgrade to 100Mbps. The AT-2500TX, designed for systems using the PCI bus, is a single-port Fast Ethernet adapter card that supports both 100Mbps and 10Mbps data transfer rates. One RJ-45 connector allows attachment of either 100BaseTX or 10BaseT networks. Both speeds can operate in full-duplex mode with a potential throughput of 200Mbps. The easy installation saves time and requires minimal technical expertise. With today's more powerful processors, multi-tasking operating systems and CPU intensive applications, PC's have the ability to run multiple complex operations simultaneously. With Fast Ethernet adapters, you will see maximum network throughput over standard Ethernet or Fast Ethernet and reduce network and PC application response time. Time spent transferring data to or from the network reduces time the CPU devotes to the a

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