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Actiontec 802 11b WiFi PCMCIA

Wireless Network Adapter
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Actiontec 802 11b WiFi PCMCIA
802.11b Wireless - Network adapter - PC Card - plug-in card - IEEE 802.11b - 11 Mbps
Actiontec's complete line of 802.11b Wireless Adapters transforms your home or office into a wireless network. You can share Internet access, files, printers and more, all among the computers in your home...and all without wires! You won't ever fight over Internet use because now you can access the Internet from multiple computers at the same time. You can enable your computer to swap files among all the computers in your home/office and send printing jobs to any printer in the network whenever you want. You also eliminate the need to store large files on media diskettes to move data from one computer to another. You can route print jobs from your multiple computers to one single printer. All can be done without wires using Actiontec's 802.11b Wireless Adapters. It has never been easier to move documents, presentations, or multimedia files between computers.

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