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3COM 3CR990SVR95

10/100 PCI Megahertz Network card for Server
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3COM 3CR990SVR95
The 10/100 Fast EtherLink Server network interface card (NIC) provides unparalleled server availability. Advanced optimization features ensure availability of the network link for mission-critical applications. 3Com, the industry leader in Fast Ethernet network interface cards (NICs), has optimized the new 10/100 Fast EtherLink Server NIC to maximize performance and server availability. To enhance network performance, the Fast EtherLink Server NIC supports Load Balancing, a DynamicAccess software feature that boosts server throughput by intelligently and automatically distributing packet transfer among multiple NICs that have been aggregated into one virtual NIC. To the server, these multiple NICs appear as a single network interface. The result is higher bandwidth between the server and switch, eliminating bottlenecks at the server.

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