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3COM 3C985B-SX

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3COM 3C985B-SX
Gigabit Etherlink Server Adapter - Network adapter - PCI - plug-in card - Gigabit Ethernet - 1000Base-SX - 1 Gbps
3Coms Gigabit EtherLink Server network interface card (NIC) provides the bandwidth capacity to support high-end servers, delivering added performance to the LAN while working with the existing LAN infrastructure. The autoconfiguring 66 and 33 MHz 64/32-bit PCI NIC relieves server congestion, bringing greater bandwidth to high-end servers. 3Coms DynamicAccess software provides high server availability and enables total link redundancy with Resilient Server Links (RSL). It also provides Load Balancing to relieve server networking bottlenecks by distributing traffic over multiple links. The server NIC supports IEEE 802.1p Traffic Prioritization for time-sensitive and mission-critical traffic. With IEEE 802.1Q multiple VLAN support, the server NIC enables flexible and secure network configuration in a standards based environment. An integral component of 3Coms end-to-end Gigabit Ethernet solution, the Gigabit EtherLink Server NIC combines the benefits of higher Gigabit performance with the familiarity of

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