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EtherLink XL Ethernet PCI Combo (AUI,BNC,RJ-45)
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EtherLink XL PCI Combo - Network adapter - PCI - plug-in card - Ethernet - 10Base-T, 10Base-2 (coax), AUI - 10 Mbps
The EtherLink XL PCI Combo Network Interface Card is designed for your 10BASE-T or COAX network by 3Com. This card is ideal for those who want optimum performance for their PCI bus computers with the flexibility of a combo card containing RJ-45, BNC and AUI connectors. The EtherLink XL series of interface cards include Parallel Tasking and PACE Interactive Access technology with DynamicAccess features allowing the card to be an active network component that interacts with your network to improve performance. Additional DynamicAccess features include Desktop dRMON (Distributed RMON) support, Efficient Multicast Control, and PictureTel LiveShare Plus data conferencing software. Other DynamicAccess features will continue to be added to the XL series in the future through simple software upgrades. The card has one LED that glows to indicate link integrity of a 10BASE-T hub and will flash if the polarity of the wire is reversed. Installation is a breeze with these cards using the AutoLink software, which c

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