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These cards are guaranteed to work with every ISA or EISA IBM-compatible PC, every major PC operating system, and every major network operating system. EtherLink III ISA cards are also guaranteed to work forever-unmatched 3Com quality and reliability. The cards are also very easy to install. With Windows 95 plug-and-play support and 3Com's AutoLink software, you get one-step installation and configuration-the card even senses the media type! There is no faster way to connect your PC to the network. As soon as you do, you will see that these cards are the fastest ISA Ethernet cards on the market-running up to 133 percent faster than competitors' boards. These network interface cards are easy to install in both Plug and Play and nonPlug and Play environments: Windows 95 Plug and Play PCs automatically detect and configure the card; for PCs running DOS or Windows 3.1, 3Com's AutoLink auto-installation software automatically installs the NetWare universal client. Transcend network management provides inte

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