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3COM 3C359B

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3COM 3C359B
TokenLink Velocity XL PCI - Network adapter - PCI - plug-in card - Token Ring - 16 Mbps
Leading the generation of high-speed Token Ring NICs, The TokenLink Velocity XL PCI NIC brings you 32 bit performance, delivering the industry's lowest CPU utilization-without compromising reliability or economy. What's more, this NIC's new Parallel Tasking II performance bursts large data packets across the PCI bus for lowered latency and higher user productivity. The NIC's full-duplex support allows a switch to dedicate Token Ring (DTR) bandwidth to desktop clients and servers, doubling the available bandwidth to 32 Mbps. Only the TokenLink Velocity XL PCI NIC offers DynamicAccess software that enables traffic prioritization capabilities. Optional TriROM software enables remote boots, lowering cost of ownership, and a built-in Wake-Up-on-LAN feature allows administrative tasks to be done automatically without interruption to user productivity. 3Com's outstanding product reliability and lifetime limited warranty guarantee high network availability.

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