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3COM 3C19500-UK

OfficeConnect Network Storage Server 20GB 10/100
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3COM 3C19500-UK
3Com OfficeConnect Network Storage Server 20 - Hard drive - HD standard 20 GB - EN, Fast EN
The 3Com OfficeConnect Network Storage Server is so intuitive that non-IT personnel can set up the server in a matter of minutes, boosting storage capacity substantially without disrupting the network or upgrading client hardware, or software. The OfficeConnect Network Storage Server offloads primary file servers, freeing expensive capacity and processing resources. The 3Com solution improves balancing of file storage, adds redundancy, alleviates network congestion, and lets administrators prioritize storage based on individual user or departmental needs. The 3Com OfficeConnect Network Storage Server provides a completely non-disruptive and radically simple way to add storage space to small-business networks. This dedicated storage server features plug-and-play operation and the ability to perform tasks automatically. With the 3Com OfficeConnect Server Discovery Application and Configuration Wizard, even non-technical staff can set up the server. Once setup is complete, an administrator customizes the

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