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SONY Ericsson HBH-35

Bluetooth Headset
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SONY Ericsson HBH-35
Introducing the Sony Ericsson HBH-35 Bluetooth Headset. In comparison to previous models, the HBH-35 bears several improvements that allows for more enhanced communication via the headset. The HBH-35 comes with longer talk and stand-by time, so you now be more efficient.
The HBH-35 has up to five hours of talk-time and 5 days of stand-by time and outperforms any other Bluetooth headset that is currently on the market. It is a perfect wireless headset for loud environments and has the ability to reduce background noise to a complete minimum, letting you communicate naturally. Another feature is voice control that with Sony Ericsson phones can be used to call contacts or to answer and reject calls as well as change the profile or activate the sound recorder in the phone.
The HBH-35 is of a cutting-edge design and is comfortable to wear in the car, in the house, the office, or on the move. The headset will let you freely move around with a range of up to ten metres from your handset. The Sony Ericsson HBH-35 epitomises everything that is special and fresh about Bluetooth wireless technology.
The Bluetooth Headset HBH-35 can be used with any phone that supports the Bluetooth Headset or Handsfree profiles

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