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Java Mobile Splinter Cell Java

Splinter Cell - Mobile Phone Games
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Java Mobile Splinter Cell Java
You have to infiltrate terrorists positions in the hottest spots of the planet. Take advantage of the environment to sneak behind enemy lines.
Use your weaponary with extreme care, avoid detection systems and aquire critical intelligence by any means.
Splinter Cells game play is an explosive mix between action platform and all-time successful stealth.
Nokia 3510i
Nokia 3650
Nokia 6600
Nokia 7210
Nokia N-GAGE
Nokia 3410
Nokia 3660
Nokia 7650
Nokia 3100
Nokia 3200
Nokia 3300
Nokia 5100
Nokia 6100
Nokia 6220
Nokia 6610
Nokia 7250
Nokia 6800
Motorola T720
Motorola V300
Motorola V500
Motorola V525
Motorola V600
Sharp GX-10
Sharp GX-20
Sharp GX-30
Siemens M55
Siemens S55
Siemens MC60
Sagem MyV65

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