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SONY Ericsson IBK-20 P800

Ericsson IBK-20 P800 Business Kit
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SONY Ericsson IBK-20 P800
The Sony Ericsson P800 IBK-20 Business Kit is a stylish combination of accessories, specifically targeted at professionals who want the best out of their P800. The kit contains a stylish and practical carrying case in genuine, high quality leather, an extra strap, three spare styluses and a stereo portable handsfree.
The carrying case places the phone firmly and practically in your belt. When you carry the phone in your hand, the strap securely attaches the phone to your wrist. The spare styluses and the extra portable handsfree may really come in handy when you have trouble finding the ones you got in the P800 kit. In other words, the Business Kit IBK-20 is everything you need to complete your P800.

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