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Sandisk SDMSS-64-E10

Shoot & Store Memory Stick PRO - 64MB
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Sandisk SDMSS-64-E10
Shoot & Store™ Memory Cards
SanDisk Shoot & Store memory cards are the simple, convenient and affordable way to process and store digital photos. With SanDisk’s new Shoot & Store memory cards, you can take up to 50 digital pictures (depending on your camera), share them with family and friends, then save them permanently on your card.
• Shoot pictures of life’s favourite moments
• Store them permanently on your memory card
• Share your pictures with others, either with prints from your favourite retailer or by using SanDisk’s Shoot & Store Digital Photo Viewer to share images on your TV.
Approximate Number of Pictures for a 50-Picture Memory Card*
1 Megapixel Camera = 50 images*
2 Megapixel Camera = 34 images*
3 Megapixel Camera = 19 images*
4 Megapixel Camera = 13 images*
5 Megapixel Camera = 11 images*
*Approximate number of pictures from a camera in high-resolution or fine mode will vary depending on subject complexity and camera model

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