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SanDisk Gaming Memory 1GB PSP

Playstation Portable (PSP) Gaming Memory - 1GB
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SanDisk Gaming Memory 1GB PSP
The new SanDisk Playstation Portable (Sony PSP) Gaming Memory Card line turns your handheld game device into a fully loaded multimedia entertainment unit, offering all the benifits of regular Memory Stick PRO Duo media, but with added colour.
For maximum performance and to get the most out of all the advanced features on the device, youll need a SanDisk Game Card. With SanDisk, you will be able to save your game levels, listen to digital music, play your favorite video, and download and store game cheat codes, characters and game skins. SanDisk game cards maximize your world of entertainment.
SanDisk game cards utilise exclusive MLC memory and controller technology developed at SanDisk, meets all MS specifications, and is guaranteed compatible.
* Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and thus is not available for data storage

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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