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Buffalo PC103NDU256

Memory 256MB PC100 168pin DIMM SDRAM
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Buffalo PC103NDU256
Memory - 256 MB x 1 - DIMM 168-PIN - SDRAM / 100 MHz - 3.3 V - non-parity
For greater performance, install Buffalo memory. Buffalo has been manufacturing memory modules for over 25 years. Today, Buffalo produces powerful memory upgrades that are easy to install, will increase the performance of your computer system or printer and are available at an affordable price. It's the easy way to get the level of performance from your system that your business needs. With a Buffalo memory upgrade you will be able to have more applications open at the same time, open and work on larger files and have less down time due to out of memory message errors. All of which can increase your productivity, just by installing one of Buffalo memory upgrades. Whatever your system, Buffalo has an upgrade! Whether you're running Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, DOS, MacOS or Unix, more memory is the proven successful route to better performance from your system. Your laser printer or fax can benefit too: you'll be able to print larger files faster

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