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MTD Briggs & Stratton 13.5 HP Mower Rear Discharge

13.5 HP Mower
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MTD Briggs & Stratton 13.5 HP Mower Rear Discharge
This MTD Briggs & Stratton 13.5 HP rear discharge mower has a 12.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine and is ideal for larger areas of grass up to 2 acres and will handle both formal lawn, orchard and paddock areas. It features an automatic transmission allowing you to pre-select a gear and then just use the speed control pedal to control speed rather than continually having to change gears. This mower also features an electric key start, a twin bladed 92cm deck for excellent collection with anti-scalp wheels and cleaning nozzles, and an offset deck to allow cutting up to edges and borders.

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