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Robotic Lawn Mower
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The RL800 is a fully automatic robotic lawnmower. It is powered by rechargeable batteries, it is quiet, there are no smelly fumes, and it will cut an area the size of 2 tennis courts (approximately 500 square meters ) before it needs to be recharged. Place the RL800 on the lawn and ress the GO button, and it will quietly cut the entire lawn without any further assistance. It will mow for 2 hours on one charge, leaving a perfectly mown lawn with no clippings to collect, as it is a mulching mower. It cuts the grass into tiny pieces and drives them back into the lawn where natural chemical breakdown will recycle the nutrients and moisture in the grass and actually feed the lawn. The RL800 will turn itself off when it finishes work, and can be driven back to it's shed for recharging, using a special integral manual controller. Recharging takes 24 hours, and due to it's unique guidance system and perimeter recognition system, Roboscan, it can work unattended. The mower arrives in

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