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Samsung CLP550

Laser Printer
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Samsung CLP550
With PCL and PS drivers as standard enhanced memory and processing capability the CLP-550 features all the specifications of the CLP-500 standard duplex high paper capacity and NO NOIS technology. Samsungs CLP-500 136 Postscript 3 model Colour Laser Printer. Renowned for its whisper-quiet NO-NOIS laser engine and state-of-the-art colour matching software it makes you look great without ever raising its voice. And with colour print speeds of up to 5ppm and easy toner changes its always ready for crunch time. If the future is what you make it get off to a colourful start. Postscript model NO NOIS (Non Orbiting Noiseless Optic Imaging System) Lowest Noise Level Easiest Toner Change Highest Paper Handling Lowest Running Cost Built in duplex printing function

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