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LEXMARK OptraColour 1200n

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LEXMARK OptraColour 1200n
Waiting for pages to emerge from a color laser printer is as exciting as watching paint dry - and takes almost as long. At least it used to. Lexmark's Optra Color 1200 series printer boasts color printing speeds of 12 ppm. The Optra Color 1200 series printer is clearly revolutionary. It's also huge. The design owes to the layout of the printer's engine-the toner cartridges, which each contain a print head, lie in a row. Rather than passing through the printer four times (once for each color), your documents get their colors one-by-one in assembly-line fashion. The result? Print speeds four times faster than with color laser engines of the past. Another design advantage: support for large A3 format output. The network ready versions of Optra Color 1200, Optra color 1200NL and 1200N come with more memory installed and are equipped with Ethernet 10/100BaseTX Internal Print Server.

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