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Laser printer
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Print resolution 360,000 dpi The greater the Dots Per Inch (DPI) the more detailed the image.
Print colour quality Colour laser The number of different ink colours divided by the size of t he droplet (picalitres). The resulting number gives a indic ation of the quality of colour prints. Look for a higher nu mber for better colour print quality.
Print speed - black 22.0 ppm Max number of pages printed in black and white per minute Higher PPM (pages per minute) means faster printing
Print speed - colour 4.0 ppm Maximum number of colour pages printed per minute Higher PPM (pages per minute) means faster printing
Direct printing Not featured Print photos from a digital camera quickly and easily withou t the need for a PC. Look for card slots for printing from your digital cameras memory card or Pictbridge for printing directly from your pictbridge camera via USB lead.
Preview screen N/A
Borderless printing N/A
Amount of colours 3 The more colours a printer has the better. Lots of colours are advisable for realistic photos as more colours improve t he quality. The benefits can be clearly seen on landscapes and skin tones whre there are lots of the same colour in th e photo.
Size of droplet N/A
O/S compatibilty N/A
Connection type Parallel/USB The cable required for connecting to a PC or laptop.
Sheet feed capacity 98/ME/XP page The maximum number of sheets of paper the printer can hold. Look for a greater number if you are printing large of docu ments at a time.
Other Features A4 maximum print size The maximum size of paper the printer is able to print on
64Mb buffer memory

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